Humane Wildlife Removal

Killing Isn’t Necessary For a Pest Free Home or Business

When you look at a rat, what do you see? A disease carrying, property destroying rodent, or a soft, kind of sweet looking little creature just looking around for its next meal? Regardless of what you see, if they are present in your home or business, rodents pose serious health risks as well as often being the cause of extensive property damage. When they chew through food and furniture it’s a messy inconvenience, but when rats or mice start chewing through electrical wiring then it becomes dangerous and removing them from the building a priority.

rodent in attic

Wildlife-Resilient Sunrooms

Embarking on the endeavor of adding a sunroom to your home not only brings a touch of elegance but also provides a peaceful retreat. To ensure this sanctuary remains undisturbed by unwelcome wildlife, considering professional wildlife removal services is paramount. Integrating a sunroom into your living space requires a builder with a proven track record of expertise, and Four Seasons Sunrooms consistently stands out in this regard. By exploring reviews, such as those in Four Seasons Sunrooms Reviews, you can glean valuable insights into the experiences of homeowners who have entrusted their sunroom projects to this reputable builder. These reviews often emphasize not only the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail but also the effective measures taken to prevent wildlife intrusion. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently embark on the journey of creating a sunlit haven that seamlessly connects you with nature while ensuring the serenity of your space through reliable wildlife removal solutions.

Wildlife Removal The Right Way

Rat poison does work but it can have bad ripple effects in ways you may not have thought of. Poison doesn’t work immediately, and before rodents get sick and die, there is always the risk they will drag a portion of the poison to areas you didn’t intend. If there are children or pets in the home, they could be in as much danger as the rats when you choose poison. Sticky traps are also effective, and very easy to clean up after. However, death takes awhile with this method, and even a rat doesn’t deserve to die like that.

Wildlife removal companies have carpenter bee traps for sale that don’t harm pets or children, so trap and release is one of the more non-lethal, popular ways of dealing with rodent problems. Just remember to check them often, and when you find one that has a captive, release it as soon as possible in an area far away from your home, preferably in trees or thick brush where food and water can easily be found. Some would say just get a cat, and forget the work, but, that would defeat the whole purpose of humane rodent removable. Cats are not gentle with rats or mice, and death at a feline’s paws would be another slow, painful ordeal.


There are various Pest Repeller devices on the market that work by producing ultrasonic waves most common pests, including rats, mice, and even roaches will run from. Research shows that these “wave machines” work by stimulating the pests auditory and nerve systems, causing pain and general discomfort. The sound is so high pitched, cats, dogs, humans and even fish or birds can’t hear it, but rodents can and they don’t like it. They will leave a comfortable, established nest and ready food source to get away, and the problem is solved. Some would say that causing them pain or discomfort is cruel in itself, but it is temporary and goes away as soon as they are out of range, far away from you and your home.

There are so many ways for humane pest removal. Torturing them with a slow, painful death through the use of poison, sticky traps or spring loaded traps is not necessary. Live capture is possible when you know where to look and using ordinary powder can help with that. Sprinkle somewhere you suspect a trail may be and if rat tracks appear later, you’ll know exactly where to begin the eviction process for any unwelcome guests.